god is gravity

by god is gravity

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Longtime friends and collaborators Evan Deery and James Margolis reunited over Christmas break 2014 simply to hang out and catch up. What started as a way to pass the time ended up turning into one of the most fun projects they've ever produced. There is no pre-visualization; absolutely everything is spur of the moment, stream of consciousness. Recording was finished within a week in Evan Deery's bedroom, using Ableton Live to lay down loops and build the songs as they went. What you're about to hear is an honest and true collaboration of these two artists, from the bottom of their hearts and souls. Enjoy!


released April 20, 2015

Written, performed, and produced by Evan Deery and James Margolis.
Mixed and mastered by Evan Deery.
End guitar solo on GIG by Ozzwald P. Ozzington.
Additional percussion on GIG by Rachel Deery and Ozzwald P. Ozzington.
Album art by Larissa Karen



all rights reserved


god is gravity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: From The Future
We were standing in the water
when we saw the light in the sky
they say it wasn't human
but I explained it was and why

Every UFO you see
is just a person like you and me
flying through a wormhole from the future

We gathered fish from the sea
to bring back to our jungle canopy
to feast and fuck and live in peace
but I was lifted through the trees
Track Name: Cruel Individual
I can feel the air
it feels warmer on the other side of town
but I can't go there
there's a lovely evil girl whose claimed her ground
but I'm not welcome, and it doesn't matter
everyone I knew has taken her side
well are they blind?
why can't they see
that she's the one who was cruel to me?

Cruel Individual
you're a cruel individual, yeah

Went to her house once, she didn't let me in
why do I have to wait, you never pitch in
up on another man, where your lips been?
how could you commit this vile sin?
made me sink down, I could never win
you won the battle but played the victim

Just so we can be clear, I don't wanna be near
if you wanna see me, I'll be on the west pier
Track Name: So Many Ways...
So many ways to get your high on

He was a small creature in a tiny land
addicted to the weed and addicted to the crack
he stole some money out of momma's purse
we pray he don't end up in a hearse
what're you doin' with your life, little guy?
how are you, can we get you through this?
waddaya doin' with your life, little guy?
how are you, how can we get you through this?

When I was young, thought I'd have fun
killin' some bugs in my backyard
look the sun, a million to one
tried to rectify itself through the magnifier
oh baby, what have you done?
killin' them bugs, burnin' em' up, lord
don't even think for a minute, your soul's safe from sin
because they're a living thing
Track Name: GIG
There they go, down the hole
where they go, no one knows
try to get away, but I can't fight gravity
my bones will break, from the weight

Defy the law, don't get caught
define the laws, to know your god
we will see the light, until we meet the endless night
at the corner of the world